#PKyvr33 Day 17: Let’s Do This Thing

A Pecha Kucha checklist:

  • 20 appropriate images chosen
  • Single talking point for each image
  • Script of sorts created
  • A clear sense of outcome(s) from being there
  • Slides played at real speed to understand justhowquicktheychange or – how – slowly – they – change so that 15% of the speech is NOT saying “Oh, wow, this goes so fast / hmm, where is the next slide!?”
  • Like a flyweight boxer, all senses moving in rhythm, feeling light and honed
  • Vague plan to deal with inevitable last minute fear that supercedes all the preparation that went before it
  • Level of comfort that you will be value for money at least, change the world at most
  • Practice mantra of “It’s only 6 minutes 40 seconds. Even if I’m shit, no worries!”
  • Most importantly, willingness of partner to listen to a working out loud practice of said pecha kucha many, many times.


I'll just get my coat...
I’ll just get my coat…

Let’s do this thing.

←This Much We Know.→



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