Living Under The Stairs, Working Out Loud #WOLyo! Day 1 Review

WOL-timetableI would be lying if I said I knew it would work. I had little idea on how people would participate, if at all. #WOLyo! is an attempt to engage with the network in a different, direct way. It is guerilla work, asking for no permission, creating tension in the corridors (quite literally) of power, stopping people in the their tracks (hopefully).

It takes bravery to participate, because it is unexpected and there are no rules of engagement. If I show up, will I be put on the spot? Will I understand what is going on? Will I know the others there? Will it be INTERESTING?! Will it be a waste of that few minutes of the day, or will it add value?

talkshipsThings started well. Someone hotdesked with me, and as these things unfurl, I discovered new information and a deepening of understanding about a colleague. Two others dropped by with encouragement – one had just the photo to share – a drawing of ships and people talking – a direct line of sight to our business and my WOL behavior.

I met a couple of new people and warned some IT people I would presenting on the Microsoft product roadmap (about which I know not much, but about which I have some strong opinions) in two days. I expect some attendance from them!

social-network4.JPG.jpegI started a social network on the wall, asking those who dropped by to share their connections to others. We learn about each other in surprising ways: who love quinoa, who recycles boxes, who set up that awesome SharePoint site, who believes Christopher Hitchins did it. Good stuff.

I presented two pecha kucha pieces on stuff I know and want to share. No more thought went into the topics than that – except it takes time to build the presentations, of course.

People I know showed up. People I trust, and who trust me. I have more people to reach, in ways not yet clear to me. We shall see. I keep moving forward, into the flow, taking the journey.

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