Fiendish Child: Get Some Hustle On, Yo!

Just as networking is no longer about glad handing and working a room, but about building sympathetic connections and helping nodes in the network pulse and grow, so hustle is being reinvented.

The hustler is not a pimp selling others for his own advantage. No, the hustler is a connector node in the network.


That’s right. The time for waiting is past; especially the time when you thought you deserved it because you were qualified and experienced – like a puff of smoke, gone.

Now, you need to showcase your skills – work out loud! – and be a critical node in others’ networks, so that they have to ask you for help and, in parallel, you can ask How can I help?

The kidz these days…they got it. Millennials show up demanding and truculent, but also as players, with a certain sizzle. Some reverse mentoring is in order…

Hustle and flow, yo! Hustle and flow…

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