10 Revelations From 260+ Blogs In One Year

year1aI recently wrote: I have to go far to go at all. I need to commit fully to avoid making excuses, for being lazy. So, when I eventually began the TMWK blog I made a promise to write a post every day. I even took a week off work to get into the flow and produce. Remarkably, a year on I have posted more than 260 posts. Here is what I have learned along the way…

  1. Do or do not. There is no try, said Yoda, and who am I to argue. No-one, that’s who. So I won’t. ‘Nuff with the “I’m busy yo!” We are all too busy, it is the new “I’m fine.” Except, we are NOT too busy. No. Next!
  2. Themes emerge when fingers are moving. I do not need to over think. Start writing, see what emerges. Often, it’s OK.
  3. When I am not certain of my overriding thought, I break it down into multiple posts, a series. It clears the mind and creates the flow.
  4. I thought I would write a lot more about personal branding (the original genesis of activating the blog) than the future of work. But, the BrandBoard process is a thing, it happily sits awaiting activation. The future of work is a discourse, a constant work in progress.
  5. I am not a details person. I am often in the middle of a post when I recall ‘hold on! I already wrote about this a few days/weeks/months ago!’ I learned from better bloggers than me, like Harold Jarche, that the iterative approach to one’s work is vital. Going over the same ground several times is just fine. I’ll take it.
  6. The TMWK Manifesto stands up pretty well. Most of the blog posts leverage its aspects and flow.
  7. The blog brought me to Change Agents Worldwide, or at least it kept me there. I realised I have something tangible to offer, alongside the great and the good.
  8. For someone who writes and crafts messages professionally, I am really quite kind to myself. I don’t judge too much. Working fast, iteratively, in constant beta, I slough off those self-critical moments. It is what it is.
  9. I am always surprised what resonates. It keep me humble. Some of the posts I am most proud of are duds. Others, quickly and thoughtlessly published, connect with my audience.
  10. I keep asking How can I help? Firstly, myself. Working out loud is about putting skin in the game, it pushes me on. Secondly, EVERYONE, anyone. There is an audience, there is a thirst for learning, there is a possibility.

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