Personal Branding: Get Lucky

You may recall that personal branding begins with reflection. It takes on a life of its own through stories that are amplified. You create a social object. The outcome is you get lucky

Serendipitously, today I wrote up some notes from Reid Hoffman’s The Start Up Of You. In the Invest In Yourself section, his action item is

Update your profile on LinkedIn [where he is Chairman] so that your summary statement articulates your competitive advantages. You should be able to fill in this sentence:

“Because of my [skill/experience/strength], I can do [type of professional work] better than [specific types of other professionals in my industry].”


If you climb a tree, you see the world differently. Things happen...
If you climb a tree, you see the world differently. Things happen…

You being to develop your personal brand through reflection. Reflection determines some ideas of your inner genius. Stories and metaphors ratify and amplify that. Repetition and practice solidifies your brand promise in your community. Your network then represents that view to others. Suddenly, “lucky” things happen. But as Bo Peabody says:

“The best way to ensure that lucky things happen is to make sure lots of things happen.”



Do not do your boss, team, company, and network such a disservice that they do not know you properly, memorably. Do not expect or ask of them that they do all the heavy lifting in discovering your genius. It is an unfair ask.

No, this is your journey. This is your gift. Give unto others.

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