The Search For More

Ever since I started using Yammer more than three years ago, I have had a new found appreciation for the power of the network. Previously, I hugged close my knowledge and kept tight my network of trust. No longer. I have nothing to hide any more. Share is the new Save, I wrote a year ago, and I have been spending huge amounts of my free time unlearning and relearning how to scale EVERYTHING accordingly.

I have moved my primary learning environment from the yammer customer network – thousands of like-minded seekers of organizational scaling – to the Change Agents Worldwide network (plus, to a lesser extent and much more passively, to similar fellow travellers like ResponsiveOrg and Future of Work.)

walkTwitter supplements these, with various daily evocative, frustrating and illuminating meanders around the universe of thought. Purposefully, I keep my twitter network tight to ensure a realistic return on investment on each follow. I take this work seriously.

I like theory. I like thinking. My brand is a HEAD brand quite purely. I stimulate debate, I create and manage tension. If I want to change the world, and why not, I need to trigger action from my ideas – firstly in myself, then in my community / network.

It is time to push. More hustle and flow.

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2 thoughts on “The Search For More

  1. Love your point about unlearning things. It’s so easy to take for granted the assumptions and presuppositions that we don’t even realize. I’ve found myself having to consistently challenge my own thoughts and “unlearn” things I got taught in school about the nature of work.

    Re: shifting your learning environment, (1) Is the Change Agents network open? Or does it require the fee to join? If it requires the fee, are there any public places C.A.W. I should watch for content or discussion other than the website? (2) What caused the shift? What was lacking in the YCN that CAW provided? I hope we can learn from that in order to make the YCN valuable for even though highly advanced thought leaders like yourself.

    1. MAtt
      Still go to YCN daily. It is the depth of knowledge / content / pushing that cannot be surpassed in a tight, high trust network of experts. At CAWW, we talk in a walled garden, but in order to pursue live projects in our communities. There is the CAWW G+ network was well as the website with white papers and webinars – oh, and we have an eBook (produced in 2 weeks, because, hey, that’s what network thinking provides you!)

      YCN is more practical / tactical these days with the growth of network size. It is the maruation model, things ebb and flow. I feel I have outgrown the un/relearning on YCN. At CAWW, I am way behind and it helps me push and catch up…

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