Dis!Organize Ep. 62: Embrace Ambiguity.

If you are curious, if you are a learner and willing to change and to grow, you are asking lots of questions. 

The questions you ask are not the simple ones. They are open-ended, and the answers you get back will be challenging, contradictory.

Good questions do not deliver clarity and certainty. Indeed, quite the opposite. Your investigations will be full of shadow, a grey zone of ambiguity.

This is the world where all the fun happens. Where work is spontaneous; sketched, non-routine, in perpetual beta, following patterns and insights.

Ambiguity puts us on full alert and opens up surprises. This is when we achieve breakthrough, this is where the epiphanies occur.

Do not ask for certainty from anyone, do not expect it anywhere.

Disorganizers embrace ambiguity. We are always at the edge, always on our toes, senses lit up, ready to respond and to act.

This Much We Know.

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