“Share” Is The New “Save.”

The future of work demands an embrace of flow. I have defined flow before as “part stepping forward (‘engendering an approach’) and part moving where the network suggests, pulsing through the wirearchy.

[John Hagel is a go-to resource for more in-depth perspective on this.]


How to “go with the flow”?conversation

Well, a straightforward mechanism for moving forward and navigating the network is narrating your work aka working out loud. This blog is little more than that concept offered outside the firewall. I doubt there is that much more content being created now than 10 years ago. The difference is that where once data was saved, now it is shared.

Working out loud, in the social organization, is to share. So, “Share” Is The New “Save.”

Like many curated ideas, I had heard this meme peripherally a few times before I remembered it, reading this article on social networks.

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