A Manifesto For The Social Age: Throw At Wall, See What Sticks (beta v.1)

My goal is to create a manifesto for the social age, a guide for behaviour and action.

The first stage in synthesizing my thought processes into a sharable design meme was to copy and paste the TMWK Manifesto, and begin stripping it down.

The original is an amalgam of disparate ideas linked together with some stimulating images and links to other resources. Each component needs less to be more.

As a starter, I pretty much just took the headers of the TMWK manifesto and “designed” them into a visualization using appropriate representations – eg speech clouds for “Stories”.

As a way to ease into it, none too bad. Then I read the headers with no accompanying verbiage and imagined someone else making sense of them! Ah, oh. A bit of a reach.

the bare bones concepts
the bare bones concepts

Beta v.2 needs more “stuff” yo!

←This Much We Know.→

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