Dis!Organize Ep. 63: Get Rid of Titles.

The number one challenge for talented people is that the talent does not match the title or job description.

We are talking about creating the role that manifests your genius. It is unlikely the company will decree it. You need to make it happen. 

Let’s take charge of the situation and get rid of your title. 

A few ways to do this: get your company to ”unboss” the hierarchy, and you apply for project roles and move laterally and vertically with ease. Rare.

Or, give yourself a title that better represents your value and intent – *cough* Disorganizer.

If it gets a bit cliched to call yourself Chief Energizer Bunny, then you can go for something more generic, that obfuscates the place in the hierarchy but shows the skill set: 

Strategy – Project Management – Finance Leader, etc.

Finally, something I see more often on LinkedIn: a brief story. Like, “I grow companies from stealth to market launch.”

Change the org, change the title, or change the story. Disorganize. Act.

This Much We Know.

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