Getting Schooled

School school is done for the year, for sure.

My Mum’s next door neighbours get their kids up at the normal time for school, the kids get dressed in their school uniform; they have two lessons in the morning with a playground break between the two; one in the afternoon after lunch…AND THEN THEY GET THE REST OF THE DAY OFF “SCHOOL” for good behaviour to play in the garden, after they change from their school uniform.

It took my breath away.

At ours, we are stuck inside a conundrum of our own making. By our collective nature, we are fairly lazy as a family unit. We enjoy doing not much, chillaxing around the house. This X month quarantine we were made for.

Trying to get everyone up and out the door for a day’s activity – skiing, a hike – is a Herculean effort. Setting a single goal as a family and executing it is worthy of high 5s all round. We retire in the evening a satisfied bunch.

Today is the first day back from Spring Break.

“Lori, you need to start speaking to the kids in French. School’s back.” This may be the limit of our schooling discussion for the day; no action is guaranteed. We will reconvene again tomorrow for day 2 of school.

These things take time. I need to work on my motivation; the reason for which I will share another time. I am done school for today.

This Much We Know.

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