The Future Of Work In Action – For 6 Seconds

I took a week off work to do a deeper dive into all my notes and half-baked thoughts that have so far surfaced the TMWK model, but not explained it.

it is harder than I thought – so many strands, loose ends, interesting snippets, but uncertainty how to stitch it all together (notwithstanding I put together the TMWK Manifesto…).

Synthesis and distillation are key process flows / skills in times of information overload. If it is not simple and evocative (aka F.R.E.S.H.) then it won’t work for me.

So, Vine is an important app for me (and the number 1 app on iTunes). It focuses attention to the very core components of the story/narrative. Above is TMWK hard at work here in Arizona.

I know I will be developing more Vine content – both here at TMWK and in my organizational job. The challenge for all content owners / marketers: synthesis, shorten, create impact. Repeat.

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