ChatGPT and the end of the world.

I opened my TikTok the other day and had probably 20 posts trying to impress me about ChatGPT and just how amazing / scary / dystopian / innovative it is. Same on my twitter feed.

If you don’t know what it is yet, get on it quickly – because it is coming to a conversation in your professional life very soon; and definitely a end-of-year party where you can bamboozle your drunk boss.

The biggest professional challenge it will bring to your workplace – people bluffing about their expertise / insight through a couple of inputs into ChatGPT.

The biggest business mistake – taking the ChatGPT outputs as facts (because they sound so true!) because we trust AI to get it right!

AI is biased, just as we are – it depends on its data set. Code can look good and be bad; perspectives can be skewed by the input query formatting.

That said,
– Copyrighters, beware your job security.
– Essay assessors, good luck determining if my teenage kid wrote her essay or just typed into ChatGPT, “Give me 4 paragraphs at grade 8 reading level on <insert subject matter here>” and copy pasted.

This Much We Know.


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