Made In China: The Future

A CAWW contact – Dr. Jen Frahm in Australia – is just back from a trade delegation to China, and she was awe-struck at what she saw:

“There is something wildly enabling about a culture that is so ridiculously creative AND at the same time incredibly conforming. Change just happens and happens really fast.”

She made this infographic to highlight some of her findings about the macro focus of the Chinese approach to business – fascinating stuff:

– Incredibly long-term vision – this creates ‘safety’ in risk taking
– Product innovation will always be incremental, platforms and algorithms are the way to leapfrog competitors
Change is easy. Just do it

Independent of whether China will directly do something to subvert / disrupt your specific industry, she is a country taking leadership in all areas of business and social constructs; ones that will revolutionize how work gets done.

These change constructs are things we should all be seeking to understand; and perhaps, building local responses to.

Are we ready?

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