COVID Diaries Week 10: Worldview Edition.

So, I was laid off in March, at the time of COVID lockdown. Fairly straightforwardly, I stayed in the house, and the family dispersed to various locations to keep their sanity and do their work and hobbies.

Lola took over the basement and barely leaves. Zoe emerges from her room to showcase her art projects and to see if any of the neighbour kids are around to play physical distancing. Lori retreated to the bedroom or the TV room to exercise, admin, reflect, whenever the kids give her any moment of peace.

And me, I sit at the dining table at my computer. This is my ‘going to work.’ Other than run on the treadmill or walk the dog, I am here every day: reading, learning, writing, creating.

And this is my literal worldview – what I see as I live through the pandemic.

Firstly, majestically, LIFE IS FANTASTIC, by David Shrigley, artist, 197cm tall. His childlike naivety is compulsive. This never gets stale. If I have a mantra, this is it.

MODERN ART = I COULD DO THAT + YEAH, BUT YOU DIDN’T. This is a reminder. ACT is the most important word we have. Do the work, let others be the critics.

IF IN DOUBT, LOVE. By Hugh McLeod. Gapingvoid’s social objects have been bellweathers for my own journey into and through social business. Doodles with a density and weight; grounding.

SHOW ME WITH YOUR ARMS HOW MUCH. A simple, physical memory of love in the family.

GOOD FUCKING DESIGN ADVICE, by GFDA. Another reminder to just fucking do it. Black on black, so as not to shock random visitors. Every time I inspect it closely, it gives me the goods. Today’s bon mot: Keep Fucking Learning.


Finally, another Gapingvoid reminder, that used to hang in the basement bathroom, until Lola removed it: X = FULL OF IDEAS. Y = FULL OF SHIT. Z = FULL OF SHIT IDEAS. I have the creative impulse (definition, confident curiosity). But I need to check myself. Life is serious, I shouldn’t take myself so.

This Much We Know.

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