Fiendish Child: Knowledge, So What?!

Kids’ brains are being rewired, almost in real time, away from storing data to knowing how they might (re)find data when required – aka Dr. Google.

Don’t believe me? Google it. FACT!

Knowledge is increasingly less valued. Not undervalued. Your knowledge is increasingly less valuable than preceding generations’ knowledge; and even cycles of your own knowledge base.

And no, this is not another signpost to the disintegration of ALL THAT WE HOLD RIGHT. It is what it is.

When gazillionflops of data are created every day, each piece of data has almost zero value. So how do we add value, us knowledge workers?

By developing personal knowledge mastery – to first embrace and sift that available data – then curating that data in a meaningful way for others, and by doing so becoming a connector node in our network. Et voila – value!

Who struggles with this shift?

  • Schools, especially higher education, trying to push you for more certification; and the educators who beseech you commit to learning;
  • Experts who want to be the go-to people;
  • Experienced folk demanding respect for the years of graft;
  • Old people”;

Just another reason to build your network (fast) and get in the flow (of data) so you are ready for the future of work yo!

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