Dis!Organize Ep. 84: Be a Disagreeable Giver.

The organizational psychologist Adam Grant talks about a personality matrix on two axes: givers and takers, and agreeable and disagreeable. 

We can imagine that colleagues who take are a nightmare to work with, selfish and focused on their own needs.

But what about the degree of agreeableness in colleagues? Grant says the friendly, agreeable givers are averse to conflict. It can be too easy…

Disagreeable givers are the most valuable. They are a pain in the ass, but fight for what they believe in, challenge the status quo, push for painful, necessary change, they avoid complacency. Their grouchy disposition means when they praise something, it can be trusted.

Disorganizing your company is all about challenging the existing order and willing to do the work to make things better. Disagreeable givers.

This Much We Know.


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