Hustle and Flow: Pt 2 (Hustle)

At the end of Pt 1 we moved to the banks of the flow. Here, we watch. There are three choices available for us:

  1. We wait, nervously, sensing change and tumult. We imagine what it is to jump, but the toes from one foot never leave the ground.
  2. We instinctively jump in, we thrash wildly, we hope to be washed up downstream exhausted but alive, ALIVE!
  3. We study the currents, we learn to swim and to navigate, we prepare swim aids and a packed lunch, and when an idea or opportunity, wide and dry, floats serenely past, we hop aboard, whistling a merry tune.

Choice three is the hustle. We own it (finger snap.)

The hustle might be establishing a start-up, inventing a game-changing widget for the tomorrow that is cusping. But it probably isn’t.

The hustle might be narrating your work and sharing your knowledge in social networks (enterprise or otherwise), building transparent, move-forward relationships with people who can, and want to, help you. Knowledge workers increasingly have this option within their grasp, and things happen when they do.

The hustle might be simpler still. Understanding there exists “a huge global flow of ideas, innovation, new collaborative possibilities and new market opportunities,” simply saying “I want some of this,” or “I’m really good at that” might be enough to turn an idea into an outcome.

I often hear criticism of people hustling their own careers – by asking for what they want, for telling everyone they deserve it. But if we don’t proclaim our own genius, who the heck is going to do for us? And in the times of flow, things are moving too quickly for others to naturally notice us. They need a little arm-waving and “Look at me”-ing.

Hustle is helpful. Hustle is good.

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5 thoughts on “Hustle and Flow: Pt 2 (Hustle)

  1. Number 2 seems to be me although I kid myself that I am really number 3. I wrote about jumping in just the other day. No I didn’t write this hoping to get you to visit my blog and bump up my stats. Just reading and sharing, trying to find some footholds. Cool blog Jonathan.

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