The Person To Person Economy: #WOLyo!

Working out loud is similar to #unSquirrel: share first and always, overthink it some other time. #WOLyo! Is a little more applied that #unSquirrel because there is a clearer sense of communal process, of moving your team, project, network forward in commonality. #WOLyo! builds off others’ efforts.

It is still based on the human endeavor – to add value, in whatever way we can, to others. At its heart, still, is the question: how can I help?


By working out loud, people can find people, through new understanding, through (dis)agreement on content, through ‘who knew?’ breakthroughs. Working out loud is still the process of moving out into the world / network, and (re)combining connections and artifacts, to grow common, cooperative outcomes.

It has to start on a micro, micro scale. One person’s behavior and content triggers another’s. Working out loud can be a movement, a revolution (John Stepper is setting up WOL Circles), but it will always be highly personal. Working out loud is my gift to my community (whoever / wherever they may be).

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