Fiendish Child: Get Used To It, Grandad

Boomers have finally got used to the fact that their kids will not have a job for life; they accept that people move around jobs, looking for new challenges, whether by design or out of necessity.

Now, Gen Xers have to deal with the changing nature of work away from jobs to project work and stints (it stinks). An embrace of the freelance economy is today’s existential skill.

Many young people have been sold a lie about the nature of investment – that an education naturally begets opportunities in the workplace. That is no longer true.

It is the network that provides the opportunities, one’s connections of helpful people. One’s place in the network is more pivotal than one’s skills or education.

We will be working more stints, more projects, often many at the same time. No more jobs, let alone for life! Get used to it, or be left in the dust.

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