Getting To “Yes!” Personal Branding Tools

Writing a resume / CV is a weird out-of-body experience. Suddenly propelled into the third-person like a pop star who has just made it big…

(“Jonathan Anthony is not afraid of the haters; they cannot affect Jonathan Anthony. Jonathan Anthony respects only those who respect Jonathan Anthony,”)

one has to objectify and codify all that is subjective and personal.

My thinking is that the traditional CV / resume will be dead within 5 years, based on the fast-changing way we consume data and orient our beliefs around the opinions of our networks. I read that 70% of all jobs are filled through referral; surely this figure will grow further as we take advantage of extended networks. My relatively small Linkedin network links me to 6,473,208+ professionals, apparently.

Getting to “Yes!”

How do you move someone from being part of your extended network (potential energy) into your immediate network (kinetic energy), where they want to know you as a person, interview you, employ you?

By allowing them to ‘feel the quality,’ not just read the details; by providing an immersive, sensory experience; by moving their sense of you beyond “Okay,” to “Yes!”

Whizz Bang

At This Much We Know our mantra is: Be F.R.E.S.H. Give people something that is Fun – Revealing – Entertaining – Shareable+Social – Heartfelt.

So, what F.R.E.S.H. tools are there that create that whizz-bang impact in our audience?

I will share some ideas in four parts over the coming days:

  • Automated online tools
  • Resume infographics
  • Narrative infographics
  • Planning tools

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