Cannabis Diaries Week 31: Word Blancmange

More corporate language shenanigans in the last week. Still more

“Cover me with COVID-19 fire, while I make a dash for the exit!”

that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago

Meanwhile, Canopy is pivoting from “FIRST!” to “BEST!” 

Their “new Vision” will be shared at the next quarterly call on May 29 – stand by for minds blown. Still, it has created enough clarity for Constellation to exercise their outstanding warrants in Canopy. Word soup magic right there. 

However, if, after your mind has been blown, you then require something mindless to undertake, as you will, might I suggest reading the letter to shareholders from Namaste Technologies? A magnificent example of word blancmange. 

It starts with a single, correctly formed sentence: 

I’ll be frank; it has been a tough year, for the company and for shareholders.   

Congratulations. Thereafter, a stream of consciousness of the bland, the obvious, and the unproven;

  • I also knew that 2019 would be our ground-zero. Yikes! Did you tell your beloved shareholders that in February 2019 when you took over?
  • I believe that the first step toward enacting change is to learn from our past.  But no mention of what was learned…
  • Namaste is treating 2020 as an opportunity to turn a new page and “show” rather than “tell”. We have shifted our focus to meaningful long-term success…versus, what?
  • Our debut in Cannabis 2.0 was a tremendous opportunity for us and we worked very hard to be one of the first licensed sellers to offer these products in the legal market. No mention on whether it was a success, however, and no data to showcase anything.
  • We are committed to delivering value now, but not at the expense of future viability.  Good to know!

Frankly, this could be nearly any cannabis LP speaking. The lack of maturity of the industry is hiding in plain sight. Where is the real leadership?

This Much We Know.

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