Don’t Save It, SHARE it! Build Your Network. #14Actions

What is your default action, when you are creating content / stuff? Do you have a beautifully intricate filing system so all of your intellectual property is at hand, just when you need it?

Are you a player? Do you have people sitting at your feet awaiting a small dose of your largesse, the distribution of a pithy pinch of your genius?

Or…do you consider

“Hmmm, this is interesting, I wonder who else might benefit from this <insert attribute or unit size here>? Let’s see what happens!” <insert POST / SUBMIT to a social or sharing channel here>

Nothing wrong with any of the above. Only the third has the chance to deliver long-term prosperity (assuming you are not a world-renowned genius of some niche play, in which case the second might get you over the line…)

Share is the new save, people. I have been saying this for a while and a bit, and it is still one of my most read blog posts. Sharing as a default action brings you into the realm of the senses of other seekers, other practitioners. Other people will say:

“Thanks! And in return, what about this…and this…and…?!”

You will find yourself saying, over and over, “Oh!” and  “I never thought about that!” and  “Who knew?!” and, mostly, “YES!”

Your sense of startle and awe and wonder with the world will place you alongside the synapsual learning journey of children. Your brain’s plasticity will resemble a jelly, your eyes will be permanently wide, your arm hair will stand on end, you will move from “What is…?” conversations to “What if…?”

All because you took the open-minded course of action, the one that is inclusive, and the one that begins with imagining “How can I help?”

In modern parlance, this is #winning. It might also be the easiest of the #14Actions to take.

←This Much We Know.→

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