Dis!Organize Ep. 64: Under the Stairs.

Working out loud is the process by which you make your work a) observable; and b) narrated.

I first started working out loud online. Eventually, I built enough confidence to make it a physical undertaking. 

I moved my desk under the stairs in the officeI made myself, as well as my work, visible, observable. People wandering to and fro the office kitchen would chance upon me there. 

To make the project unequivocal, I connected a projector to my laptop and broadcast my work against the wall.

Then, for narration, for one week I advertised a twice daily pecha kucha presentation on the enterprise social network, and invited colleagues to drop by and chat about a miscellaneous topic.

It made me vulnerable, but also available and connected. I  had at least 15 unexpected conversations that week with colleagues. 

Disorganizers are visible. Where are you doing your work?

This Much We Know.

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