Cannabis Diaries Week 47: Solid Ground.

Keeping abreast of the cannabis industry news is a dance, a shuffle of steps forward and back. Cha-cha-cha. Of course, it is also a play on Bowie too: cha-cha-cha-changes.

Many of my cannabis diary posts are bad news, good news, bad news, bad news, good news. This week’s a good one. When added with the legal medical market, the legal recreational market has overtaken the illicit market for cannabis for the first time in Canada.

The illicit market is down one third since legalization. This is the steady and consistent decline to oblivion. We will look back on that market as we do moonshine and prohibition. The legal industry is methodically getting there, as are the regulators. Perhaps too slowly (certainly for investors), but change is there.

My local cannabis stores now have windows through which one can observe normal people undertaking normal purchasing behaviours. No more opacity, less uncertainty. Quite normal.

I am winding down this diary at 52 weeks. It is an exercise of understanding and reflection. It has been a bouncy ride, hugely enjoyable and refreshing, also frustrating and nail-biting. For this week, though, we will leave on a high.

This Much We Know.

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