Dis!Organize Ep. 65: Pick up the Lingo.

Be careful of organizational swear words. (maybe it’s “Agile!” or “Disruption!”). 

The kind of words that are always used with quotation marks and a roll of the eyes.

Instead, listen hard for the organizational words and ideas that matter, that have the ear of the bigwigs.

  • What headers appeared a lot in the last strategy plan? 
  • Does the CEO have a go-to call-to-action? 
  • Scan the website for values and phrases that the BD guys are using to differentiate the brand.

Then use them. (Hey, maybe it’s “Agile!” or “Disruption!”) 🙂

Turn them into weapons for your own disorganzing tendencies. They won’t know what hit them.

This Much We Know.

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