Build Your Personal Brand NOW. Ask For Help Later.

I am tired of resumes / CVs. Such a lame-ass mechanism for enabling me to say “Yes!” to someone. For every applicant I had recently for the opening in my team, I scanned the documents for relevance, then went online to check for social channels – and the real/big reveal…

And the biggest reveal? That most (MarComms!) people are still invisible online. Or, close but still no cigar, their channels have been set up for the purpose of securing this very job.

No. Do it like this.

  1. Set up your channels.
  2. Live your life.
  3. Share, as you see fit, with your community / network.
  4. Develop your brand voice.
  5. Spot a good (job) opportunity.
  6. Say “Hey, perhaps I can help.”

Make it easy for me.

I am with Luis Suarez on this, who has been working out loud for many years now. Let your (brand) channels be the proof of your service offering.

Once you have developed and shared your position / beliefs / value, then you can ask your network for help. Not the other way around.

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