I Have A Skill That Will Be In Demand, Starting About Now.

Yes, personal branding is an ugly moniker. It feels a bit degrading to the human experience, making us a product. That notwithstanding, ensuring others know how wonderful you are should be an individual’s business imperative.

As we move to the freelance economy, we will need to constantly, consistently sell our magnificence into the work marketplace.

Turns out, my experience in unlocking that magnificence in others is in demand. No shit, Sherlock. I do enjoy having a skill that helps others, and makes net positive outcomes. My random current guess is that 5% of the population see its value. FastCo. is one who gets it, talking to futurists about, well, the future of work.

Chief among many emergent jobs of the future?


Currently the on-demand economy is popular in the creative fields or for the odd personal-services job, but Codrington notes that almost any job that can be done at a digital distance will be attractive for companies to opt for freelancers over staff, even when looking to hire “top-end professionals who can solve significant problems for companies.”

The demand for these “on demand” workers will result in an increased need for individuals to brand themselves to set them apart from the competition. To do so, they will need a new set of skills related to “self-management, self-promotion, relentless marketing, administration, and self-development,” says Codrington—anyone who can teach this on-demand workforce these skills will be in great demand themselves.

Umm, that would be ME. You are welcome (to contact me).

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