Attack Of The Brain! Just How Well Do You Know Yourself?

The last few posts have investigated just how well we know ourselves. Personal branding is about making a claim for yourself: This is me in my genius.

Understanding that there is something else going on in the way we act, react, behave is useful for refining that definition of our genius.

Here are some considerations:

The power of Q indicates how we work in teams, how well we churn our working relationhsips to stay fresh (but not too fresh!)

Many of us, most of the time, are making automatic decisions based on best practice rather than an acute consideration of the situation in front of us. That’s ok, that’s life. Are you an Automatic decision maker, or a conscious one?

When you brainstorm, are you the Dissenter in the room? It would be good to know, so you don’t get blamed for being annoying and instead get encouraged to drive more creative solutions!

Do you approach the world from a position of Empathy, or are you Powerful? Let’s see…

Right brained or left brained? This simple thumb test delivers insight.

When asked to be a rational decision-maker, many people don’t understand what that means, mainly because fairness trumps it. Are you one of them?

We think we are in control at all times. Not so much…

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