A Manifesto For The Social Age: Explaining Concepts (beta v.2)

I want a meme to use to discuss my approach to my writing and my brand promise. Currently, this is the TMWK Manifesto.

Can I do better? For sure, I wrote the original in 30 minutes, in the spirit of the Manifesto of Done.

Beta v.1 stripped everything back to the headers – but perhaps asks too much of the viewer to “get it.”

I know! Let’s add back in some verbiage, so that each concept stands alone as a possible aha moment for the reader.

But what do we get with more “stuff”? More design clutter.

In an act of real courage, I showed beta v.2 to two talented designers I work with. After a stunned silence and a gulp for air, they gave me the feedback I already knew:

  • where does the eye move?
  • there is clash
  • each artifact deserves its own image in order to breathe (rather than trying to box them all in together)
  • it is VERY visual!
lots of "Stuff"!
lots of “Stuff”!

All good. Beta v.3 should explore isolated components, even though the end goal is a simple representation.

←This Much We Know.→


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