Dis!Organize Ep. 56: The Battle Is Everything.

I used to walk past a window display that had a beautifully calligraphed message for the world: 

All of my good ideas are battles…

I think about that sign often.

Not much that I do or achieve comes easily. There is a lot of thinking, reading and research, a lot of reimagining that goes into the work before it even begins.

Many experiments fail. They take too long, the tech does not deliver, the messaging misses the mark, people misunderstand my intent.

Fortunately, I have reactivated my learning instinct. As I experiment and craft, part of me disassociates and starts observing. The learning comes from the syntheses, the reflection, the try again. 

This gives the disorganizer weaponry for those battles of ideas and power and influence. It is hard graft, but I believe that victory can be ours.

This Much We Know.

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