Signs That #TheFutureOfWork Is Upon Us: Side Projects

The Cluetrain Manifesto told us “All markets are conversations.” My guess is that all employment contracts will be the same – a series of conversations between supplier and buyer. As supplier of services, I will have multiple buyers – some serious, consistent, at scale; others transient, partial, fleeting.

Many websites are reprazentinfreelancers’ rights and pontificating on their future righteousness, as they take over the world with their nimble, transferable skillsets and deep networking.

So I liked seeing this newcomer to the realm: Side Racket.

Acknowledging and embracing that the most natural way for someone to move from employee to freelance / self-employed status is to test the waters, they are offering a side-of-the-desk service, putting together skillsets and projects in a rather humble way.

If you do not think this kind of mix and match system is for you, at least start preparing your children for it – it will be all that most of them will know.

I guess This Much We Know if my side project. I am building muscle for the inevitable day that I need to stretch myself in multiple new ways.

←This Much We Know.→

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