Eat What You Study

I am no great of formal education. If I lived my life again, I would spend more energy tinkering on my own, rather than spending all those years expecting others to force-feed me stuff.

It all starts out fine – check out the smiles on day one of school this week! – but enthusiasm quietens quickly.

first day of school

Education, as is, simply provides employers some sense of general intelligence and focused interest in a candidate. The usability of what was learned is left at the door.

Adults learn by doing. Practice, practice, practice. Work harder. So, I liked this take on education your employer wished you had from HBR.

Hey, what do you know? They suggest learning that is immersive, hands-on, practical. Courses like:

  • Multimedia Editing
  • Scenarios
  • Fantasy Sports Competition
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Comparative Coding
  • Cooking Science & Technology

Eat what you study.

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