You Fiendish Child! Letting The Kids Cut Through Workplace Bullshit

I often used to annoy my mum with my ‘cleverness’ – y’know, glib responses to important questions, portraying her 40-odd years of experience had nothing on a random school playground conversation with a friend.  Very annoying, especially when I was right!

Aaaah, you fiendish child!” she would often retort.

It is a term that often now comes to mind when my eldest, Lola, tries on her all-knowingness routine. What goes around, comes around.

When I think about issues and opportunities arising from the discussion around social business and technology and the changing nature of work, I keep searching for something supremely, ridiculously simple. I need a meme to recall and share and migrate towards.

Example: Gallup says only 13% of worldwide workers are engaged. Catchy! Now what?

fiendish child says


There are no end of theories and systems and 5-point plans that will solve everyone’s problems, but no-one wants to do the heavy lifting, the hard work to fully understand and implement. Understanding is too complicated and difficult and revolutionary.

What if we had a really simple mechanism or lens through which to address / converse about these big ticket items?

The kind of thing that the fiendish child would present as de facto and complete…hmmm. So, this is a meme I am investigating.

←This Much We Know.→

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