The Future Of Work Is Not ‘Jobless’ – It Is ‘Jobfull’

Yesterday’s post about how networks support getting work done was reformatted from a post I did inside a walled garden ESN last year. It stirred up a few reflections from my network colleagues, and inspired today’s post.

jobfullAs mundane work is increasingly outsourced and automated, it does NOT mean the future of work is ‘jobless’ – au contraire, it is ‘jobfull’. Most knowledge workers will have (to have) multiple concurrent gigs. We will have to specialise further as the generic skills get automated and outsourced.

Anyone sitting still and not upskilling iteratively and constantly will be lucky to survive. In MarComms I call this my 3-year obsolescence cycle. My skill set and accountability is entirely different than 3 years ago; and it will cycle through again – starting now; and now; and etc.

To me, it is vital I understand exactly how I add value to my/an organization so I can continue to sell my services. Building out my network and knowledge through participation and PKM is vital to my mid-term success.

[Pause for breath.]

And this brings me to a comment about fear of participation. Part of my schtick / polemic to my yammer network about participation is that people should (try to) get over themselves and reach out into the new collaboration economy; if not because they “enjoy” it; then because they are building out their personal brand in times of dramatic social (business) change.

Participation is good for you(r future).

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