A Personal Commitment To The Person To Person Economy

This week I was involved in an online conversation with fellow CAWWers, including the inimitable Luis Suarez, concerning Sharing Economy services such as AirBnB and Uber, and Luis made this point:

It’s more down to P2P, right? As in People to People where business / organisations / institutions stop being the intermediaries and the Social Web does the rest of the magic.

It got me to thinking…and the more I think about the economic forces and changes unlocked by social technology and network thinking, the more personal it all gets for me. And by personal, I mean person to person, incremental and responsive, direct and visceral.

I want to change the world, sure. But I have no unifying polemic on organizations at my disposal, no overwhelming intellectual or theoretical thought leadership perspective to provide, so what is a man to do?! Well, take it personally.

person to person
person to person

Take it all down some levels, into the realm of individual engagement and epiphany, where you can look a fellow traveller (or healthy sceptic) in the eye and with a shrug and deep breath, take a leap forward in the way you learn, work, live.

Reviewing many of my blogs posts, there is a common underlying theme relating to a willingness of an individual – and in the spirit of working out loud, it usually starts from my own experience – to move forward, to take a chance.

The successes of social technology and many of the future of work theories are predicated on networks scaling their power. Although networks are organic and complex, they still require nodes to make contact, to enter the fray. And it is this that I am interested in; it is this I know something about; it is this I can help with.

The #Hashtags I have been playing with over the last year – like #RelentlessHumanity, #unSquirrel, #WOLyo! – and the TMWK Manifesto elements like F.R.E.S.H. and curiosity; and the TMWK service offerings like personal branding – all of these are attempts to engender a personal conversation and a personal commitment to Make. Shit. Happen. in the big, bad modern world of freelancing, and outsourcing and automation and rapid change and…and…

This is my ongoing (beta, random and relatively amateur) contribution to the exciting and scary issues of the day. Over the next days, I will look at some of the individual components of this conversation…

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10 thoughts on “A Personal Commitment To The Person To Person Economy

  1. Hi Richard, beautiful blog post and I couldn’t have agreed more with you on the statement about making it personal! That’s one of the reasons as to why, all along, when talking to various different people, but, specially, new hires I kept dispensing a single piece of advice that I can summarise with three words: network, network, network!

    Building strong personal business relationships, while building in your personal digital footprint demonstrating not only your thought leadership, but sharing it openly and transparently for other “nodes” to notice is probably as good as it gets! Just recently, a good friend of mine asked me via DM in Twitter why I kept embarking on what she called relentless networking and I tried to explain on that blog post what it meant for me: success of the network, meaning that if you work hard to help enable and make successful your own network(s), regardless of wherever they may well be, there is a great chance that they would help you become successful as well as a result of it. So the more networking going on, the better.

    And that’s where the P2P economy kicks in, i.e. people to people, where organisations / corporations / businesses stop becoming the friction of the transaction and eventually the Social Web helps connect the dots without those intermediaries accelerating the interactions and business exchange(s), whatever those may well be.

    Again, many thanks for the Mentions and what a wonderful blog post to kick off a great week! Have a good one!

  2. How embarrassing! And one of these days, I will need to figure out why the … did I call you Richard on my response when Jonathan would have been *just* fine. My sincere apologies, Jonathan, for having a rather poor memory in using names properly. Promise I’ll do a better job from here onwards, since it’s something I keep struggling with! I can’t even think how I came up with R in the first place! Grrr Really sorry.

    1. ha! I wonder if you confused me with Richard Martin for a moment (I get the better end of that deal!)
      your thoughts and comments are much more important than oversights Luis.

      1. That must have been it, Jonathan. Somehow I managed to confused both of you when you are an ocean apart from each other! haha Oh well, that would serve me to pay better attention next time to names and such! Thanks a lot for the team sports and glad you enjoyed the feedback. I still think it’s a superb blog post with lots to muse about on the P2P Economy and I will be referencing it soon on an upcoming blog post as well on my blog. Thanks again for the inspiration!

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