The Person To Person Economy: #RelentlessHumanity

Amongst all the intellectual stimulation and thought leadership LEADERSHIP(!) in the (closed) Change Agents Worldwide network, where I am privy to a daily onslaught of deep and meaningful, progressive and revolutionary, exciting and scary discourse, there is one thing that shines through so bright that it blinds – the community’s unending and unerring humanity.

Once or twice a day, reading the flow of intent and insight,  I want to comment along the lines of “How wonderfully humane of you…” (versus, thankfully, “Oh, the humanity!”)


I have learned so much in the last three years from people sharing their knowledge freely and without quid pro quo. Networks of people coming together to cooperate and co-learn. Networks of people who do not know each other in the traditional sense of society and community – dispersed globally, never seen, yet connected vicariously through a common bond. This is twenty-first century humanity at play.

I read a Megan Murray interview with Stowe Boyd in which she shared her credo – to be relentlessly human. Yes. #RelentlessHumanity. That I can get behind.

Relentless: because we must keep on going, moving forward, incrementally, (un/re)learning, (re)connecting nodes in the network, allowing serendipity to guide us.

Humanity: because when you see someone whole, as a human, you see the pros and cons, the good and bad, the genius and the foibles, and it is all ok. You accept them, humbly, and they you.

The person to person economy is, naturally, also human to human. We stand directly in front of another, arms wide, hopeful, asking: How can I help?

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