The ONE Thing You Need To Prosper In #SocBiz? Relentless Humanity

This is an article you must read, if you want to understand social business. No, not understand it, I mean “get it”; feel the quality; live and breathe the future of work.

Work is human; and it is humane. Technology may be the backbone of organizational change, it may be a driver, but technology is not the THING. People are the THING. How we commune, orchestrate, succeed – these are human endeavours.

Stowe Boyd and Megan Murray both understand this; they live it and breathe. Theirs is a quite lovely and human exchange.

I like to think of myself as being relentlessly human in my approach to business, and life really. What I’ve found is that this can often make people very uncomfortable. That tearing at the walls of our self-imposed dysfunction is a tough position to lead with.

Meanwhile, Dion Hinchcliffe channels John Hagel and Jeremiah Owyang in talking about the impending (r)evolution brought about by collaboration.

  • Design for change, give up non-essential control, and learn the power laws of networks.Networked social businesses focus on cultivating communities, fostering co-creation, and optimizing shared value, wherever it lies, instead of just creating and selling things. These are also the core skills of Collaborative Economy startups.

I am falling into the slipstream of thought leaders like this; I suggest you do too, if you want to prosper and lead the change that is coming to a work station near you…

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4 thoughts on “The ONE Thing You Need To Prosper In #SocBiz? Relentless Humanity

  1. Point well made Jonathan! Thanks for your presentation at the IABC today -was thought provoking and inspiring!

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