#PKyvr33 Day 7: Fred.

This <#PKyvr33> is my biggest pecha kucha audience. I want to talk about my smallest one…

On the Thursday of my #WOLyo week, at 1129, I stood up to share a pecha kucha –  ironically on the topic of working out loud.

I had an audience of none…

The clock ticked through to 1130… I took a deep breath and prepared to share…when Fred wandered past. I waved him near…and I started presenting.

Fred leans in to the pecha kucha
Fred leans in to the pecha kucha

Thereafter, we sat on the sofa and conversed, and shared data, about the need to reach for more. Fred has experience – in many things I know nothing about (engineering stuff), but also in many things we share in common (as we do with you too, probably) – the workplace, teams, community, engagement.

It is worth the effort to make the effort to reach people. In this case, one person. It is why I believe in the person to person economy. We start somewhere, and today, we get somewhere.


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