New Year’s Resolution: Brand Building!

A couple of people have contacted me in the last weeks – New Year’s Resolutions? – enquiring about BrandBoards, about making a mark. Most excellent.

I began the BrandBoard process a couple of years ago as a process of sharpening an arrow in my own quiver. I wanted to offer more, to stand for something, to lead. I found a niche and it has impact and provides an advantage. Consequently, it is my gift to the 21st century worker in my own embrace of the person-to-person economy.

Monetizing it is a whole other thing, to be sure. The project is complete, but also off the side of my desk. I have other irons in the fire – not least, the fire that burns brightest, my family.

The business side of it is still very beta. Still, I am ready to act when called upon…as I was this week. A contact of brief acquaintance shared with me:

One thing I’m thinking a lot about at the moment is how I can keep making a difference. I’ve been at current organisation for a few years now. Although I’ve enjoyed promotions and plenty of new projects I am now ready for a change. As I started to update my CV I looked at it and thought it all looks a bit 10 years ago and thought of you. I’m not too sure how this all works, but I’d be really interested in developing a brand board for myself.

Well, you came to the right place. I replied:

Good for you to really think about what you are trying to achieve, and how you want to be seen. You are already ahead of 90% of your “Competitors”.

The BrandBoard process is simple:
  • you take a quick survey – 15 mins.
  • you send another survey (5 mins) to enough people that we can get 10 replies from.
  • you send a full body photo, strike a pose!
I synthesize the data, produce the BrandBoard, and Bob’s your uncle. I also do consultancy / coaching on narrative building, for which the BrandBoard is the input phase.
Telling a compelling story about what you can offer and your winning advantage is the killer app of the 21st century job market, so really, that’s where the energy should go.
But we are (increasingly) visual, so a great story with a visual hook = memories. Simple.
All that to say, if you think I can help, I will.
Ok, let’s do this thing. Let’s make that difference.
←This Much We Know.→

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