TRANS-Enterprise Social Networks: Impact Hub Westminster

So, I’m reflecting on how ESNs are limiting, and that the new frontier of work is TESN (TRANS-enterprise social networks). We are moving beyond relative boundaries of the industrial age. We are, instead, availing ourselves of new opportunities to commune and collaborate with the very best people in our networks.

Recently, I attended the #ResponsiveOrg unConference in London at Impact Hub, Westminster. As with Hive YVR, the environment is a mix of hot desk and semi-permanent work stations, and community and collaboration are at its heart.

As their website states:

We provide flexible access to workspace and curate a supportive, collaborative environment for impact makers. Impact Hub Westminster also hosts a continuous flow of interesting and relevant events and programmes providing a stream of learning and networking opportunities for its members.

There is a great article on the Westminster location here

On the day of the #ResponsiveOrg event, it was also responsive to the needs of an unconference, groups moving, growing, disbanding, morphing all day long. It created a great melee of humanity!

But it was more personal than all that for me, because it enabled me to meet face to face for the first time several social thought leaders I had networked with online, including this dynamic duo below, Richard Martin and Martin Risgaard.


I have worked with Richard and Martin inside a trans-enterprise social network collaboration called Change Agents Worldwide. Meeting them in person was a real shot in the arm of adrenaline.

There were others there too, and more on that later. The event, the space, the aspirations – they make me entirely hopeful that the future of work will be an interesting journey.

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