#PKyvr33 Day 16: No Room For #CAWW Today

Any regular TMWK visitor will know I can rattle on about the topics of #FutureOfWork, #SocBiz. Just look at the category choices on the right column.

In the last year plus, Change Agents Worldwide has been a central part of those conversations. This is a place where much of my emergent learning occurs, or is deepened. My focus on working out loud was stimulated there, not least because CAWW has the world’s leading experts on it.

Concurrently, as I engage in very deep discussion about some of the BIG TOPICS of the (work) day, I have also recognized the value of focusing on more simple actions – like the person-to-person economy.

The #PKyvr33 pecha kucha has to be grounded in the personal experience of what I have done, as much as I am tempted to go all meta on that thing…

CAWW became a substitute pecha kucha slide - max 20!
CAWW became a substitute pecha kucha slide – max 20!

Consequently, I had to drop this slide that referred to #CAWW. With just 20 seconds to guide the presentation, it was too much to include, because CAWW is such a creative, deep resource, but it was not central to working #UnderTheStairs.

I hope I can do a pecha kucha just on #CAWW some time, because that would be rich learning indeed…

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