This Much I Know From Working Out Loud (So Far) #WOLweek

As we reach the half-way point in the current International Work Out Loud week, a pause to reflect on the experience – from someone who has been through it before, as various depths of commitment. From someone who is still learning, hard.

  1. Reading what others are up to in my network, coalescing around a common meme #WOLweek, is applied learning. No particular action results – a criticism of the process I have heard this week – but there is a deepening of the attitudes and interests of my cohort.
  2. Sharing the smaller project updates in the (external) open is still slightly edgy. I cannot share the best bits – the details – because much of my work is behind the scenes.
  3. Similarly, I think about how best to share with my colleagues these same (Twitter) updates. I could post to the ESN, but I am conscious of not spamming too much content to it (as the chief yammer SME I already share more than anyone else). For sharing internally, there needs to be more skin in the game, more demonstrable outcomes for them.
  4. Consequently, internally, I have focused on a single piece of work, a quick dip into the Australia business (from where I have just returned). I will present in the round, in the open, #UnderTheStairs at work on Friday. More on that #WOLyo! process tomorrow…
  5. Some of my team would appreciate being kept in the loop more on my projects (in a team that definitely shares more verbally and ESNly than any other team in the organization, for sure). Maybe a daily #WOLyo! post might trigger the questions and conversations that are currently missed. #ToDoList
  6. I work a GIGO system – garbage in, garbage out. There is no time for the accumulation of stuff. Experiences build upon one another, iteration on iteration – this is how I do my best work. But maybe by recording and acknowledging the work a bit more – briefly – I can notice more where the tugs and pulls are, where the time is spent and, more pertinently, wasted.
  7. I have shared even more than usual – I have not necessarily read / researched more than usual, but I have noticed more. I have considered data more, and the way in which to share it. Some of my visual tweets have 15%+ engagement (on a small distribution). There is a thirst for knowledge and ideas and input. That is #WOLyo!

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