The Future Of Work Is Not ‘Jobless’ – It Is ‘Jobfull’

Yesterday’s post about how networks support getting work done was reformatted from a post I did inside a walled garden ESN last year. It stirred up a few reflections from my network colleagues, and inspired today’s post. As mundane work is increasingly outsourced and automated, it does NOT mean the future of work is ‘jobless’ – au contraire, it is ‘jobfull’. Most knowledge workers will have (to have) multiple concurrent gigs. We will have to specialise further as the generic skills get automated and outsourced. Anyone sitting still and not upskilling iteratively and constantly will be lucky to survive. In … Continue reading The Future Of Work Is Not ‘Jobless’ – It Is ‘Jobfull’

Economies Of Unscale: Here’s One For The Little Guy

Here’s one for the little people, the freelancers, the intrepid, the cast aside, the let go and left behind, the consultants and the small business entrepreneurs. The world is tilting in your direction. From Amazon to eBay, from Facebook to Twitter, from AirBnB to the Khan Academy, technology is tuning into the frequency of the small scale and the individual. These tools, these opportunities are tough for The Man to engage with and leverage – but the individual, the citizen, the friend, the compadre, for them these tools are given from Heaven above to use and own. A recent theme … Continue reading Economies Of Unscale: Here’s One For The Little Guy