The #SocBiz Dogme Manifesto

the Dogme 95 Manifesto

Researching this series of posts on modern art and social business, I revisited a post I wrote about the Dogme manifesto (and its relationship to other manifestos).

One portion seemed particularly apropos to the journey of social / networked business many of us are on. Herein extracted:

Festen, the original Dogme film, was an utter delight to me. I believed “I could do that!” and I could (at least from a technical perspective, notwithstanding my lack of creative genius.)

Similar to the Incomplete Manifesto for GrowthDogme says do not (over)embellish. Just do it. Like the Passionate Creative Worker, it says blaze new trails; never settle. The Cult of Done Manifesto says “there is no editing stage.” Dogme concurs, kinda. Cluetrain states: “Conversations among human beings sound human. They are conducted in a human voice.”

This is all a search for authenticity and humanity.

and so is our social journey.

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