4 Manifestos To Live By… #3 – Passionate Creative Worker

Manifesto: a new idea with prescriptive notions for carrying out change.


Manifesto 3 – Passionate Creative Worker.

These are indeed exciting times, full of promise and potential. Let’s seize the day.

Let us indeed. I am positive by nature; and it is encouraging to meet ideas and prognostications that are uplifting in intent, rather than system collapsing / replacing. So this is an easy Manifesto, one for everyone, from a favourite writer of mine, John Hagel.

Introducing the Manifesto, Hagel wrote how “we are struck by the potential that each individual has to impact the world. And as we reflect on our past progress and the opportunities still ahead, we recognize that the most valuable resource we have is the human creativity and ingenuity innate in every person.

When he released it, I wrote this tweet, as much to remind myself of the work at hand:

Manifesto Of the Passionate Creative Worker. Gulp – I *think* I’m livin’ it. @jhagel keeping my feet to the fire: http://ow.ly/dst43

Hagel runs the Deloitte Center for the Edge (is it just me, or does a center for the edge seem dichotomous?).

Seek the edge

It is apropos then that the “strive for” I like the best is:

9. Stay on the edge. The people who change the world are out at the edge of their field, pushing back the boundaries of the unknown. Though exhausting and sometimes risky, that is where we belong. Over and over we have found that the edge is not a cliff, but a fertile field awaiting our exploration.

Although I have been pretty much a corporate dude for the last how many years, I find myself seeking the edge, of the corporation at least. It feels like that is where there is work to be done.

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