Explicit! I Have A Need To Share… #Unsquirrel

It is maybe not as exciting as it sounds – apologies – but there is a de facto expectation in the new world order of networks and social business that we make explicit our knowledge, that we unsquirrel our thoughts and understanding, that we attempt to reach and join new communities of learning.

So, I have been looking through old papers, at scraps of data I saved for some reason – unknown at the time, but meaningful enough to squirrel away – to physically tear out and put in a folder (very c.20, I know).

Make Explicit
Make Explicit

Over the next few days I will share – unsquirrel – to make explicit for my community some F.R.E.S.H. content.

What knowledge, data, epiphany, learning do you have hidden from sight, that needs to be unsquirreled?

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