#PKyvr33 Day 4: Permission To Be Human #WOLyo #WOLweek

I don’t talk a lot about work, or my TMWK focus, when I am home. Family life is busy enough – there is nary a moment for open discussion. This weekend, though, Lori and I went out for dinner and to the cinema, so we had a chance to talk about #PKyvr33, and about the blog. Lori claims to read all the posts, and she gave me some lovely, simple feedback that is prescient to the #PKyvr33 process of explaining what the hell I did under the stairs at work for a week. I made a few notes on my … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 4: Permission To Be Human #WOLyo #WOLweek

#PKyvr33 Day 2: Initial Notes #WOLyo!

I am presenting a pecha kucha about working out loud (and on presenting 10 pecha kucha in a week) at Pecha Kucha Vancouver Ed. 33.  This is the share of how it happens, laid out to be seen. You are welcome. I am using #PKyvr33 as a collation / curation tool. I get complexity and emergence. Really smart people can explain complexity and emergence. Me? I just get it. I work that way. I dip a toe; I iterate. I try things out. I fail (and slough it off like a snake’s skin.) This blog is my mechanism to deal … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 2: Initial Notes #WOLyo!

#PKyvr33 Day 1: Working Out Loud On A Live Project – Let’s Do This Thing #WOLyo!

A confluence of conversations and events leads me to this point. It’s time to put some skin in the game and work out loud (in the internet open) on a project. I worked out loud ‘under the stairs’ for a week at work to challenge myself about what sharing and #unSquirrel really means. I wanted to get away from technology, and into the real-time space of the person to person economy. I spoke about the initiative with various online contacts and one – @AustenHunter – suggested a #WOLweek. Sure! I attended #FUELvan conference and the organizer –  Susan Cox, who … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 1: Working Out Loud On A Live Project – Let’s Do This Thing #WOLyo!

The Person To Person Economy: #WOLyo!

Working out loud is similar to #unSquirrel: share first and always, overthink it some other time. #WOLyo! Is a little more applied that #unSquirrel because there is a clearer sense of communal process, of moving your team, project, network forward in commonality. #WOLyo! builds off others’ efforts. It is still based on the human endeavor – to add value, in whatever way we can, to others. At its heart, still, is the question: how can I help? By working out loud, people can find people, through new understanding, through (dis)agreement on content, through ‘who knew?’ breakthroughs. Working out loud is … Continue reading The Person To Person Economy: #WOLyo!

The Person To Person Economy: #unSquirrel

The #unSquirrel Manifesto and approach is simplistic: share, without too much thought, what you know, with whomsoever you know. The more you share, the wider and deeper will be your network of influence and support, the more you will (un/re)learn. Sharing is not about perfection and earth-shattering content – #unSquirrel is not high falutin’ journalism or activism. It is about delivering on this thought: maybe there is someone who might find this interesting. Person to person, how much simpler could it be? Is an audience of one sufficient? It depends on what you are trying to achieve, right? If you read Seth … Continue reading The Person To Person Economy: #unSquirrel

A Personal Commitment To The Person To Person Economy

This week I was involved in an online conversation with fellow CAWWers, including the inimitable Luis Suarez, concerning Sharing Economy services such as AirBnB and Uber, and Luis made this point: It’s more down to P2P, right? As in People … Continue reading A Personal Commitment To The Person To Person Economy

#unSquirrel In Action: A Simple Use Case

Manifestos should be uncomplicated, simple to follow. They should end with an invitation to step right this way. The #unSquirrel Manifesto has its first follower, the always shiny, happy Austen Hunter. And his #unSquirrel share is PERFECT. @ThisMuchWeKnow recruitment advice: attitude, intellect, knowledge …in that order (from @LassySD) #unSquirrel pic.twitter.com/2cEPmMPfNR — Austen (@AustenHunter) May 19, 2014 There is no great need to dissect why it is a perfect #unSquirrel (each #unSquirrel should be given away lightly, with little fanfare or expectation), but a few things that struck me: Austen learned something and made a scribbled note he shared it simply, with … Continue reading #unSquirrel In Action: A Simple Use Case

The #unSquirrel Manifesto: The Visual

Post-it notes are the best way you can include many people into a process to learn. Adults learn by doing, writing something down and sharing it in the open puts skin in the game for everyone. All meeting should involve post-it notes. It is the #unSquirrel manifesto in action: #unSquirrel today! ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading The #unSquirrel Manifesto: The Visual

#unSquirrel Manifesto 10: Your Turn

I attended the first #ResponsiveOrg unConference in London last week. Illuminating, deep discussion on how to solve the world’s (organizational) problems – y’know, nothing much. Importantly, after a day of healthy and inspiring conversations, we have to ask: “And…?” Where is the action, the outcomes, the next steps? We have to reach for more. So, it inspired me to add an action item here. In some small way, BIG changes can occur when we take a step forward, when we lean in, when we look to commune and share our knowledge. You will make a difference if you #unSquirrel. So, … Continue reading #unSquirrel Manifesto 10: Your Turn

#unSquirrel Manifesto 9: How Can I Help?

#unSquirrel is not really about random shit, thrown around without forethought or meaning. It is about not overthinking it. But it benefits from a light question or reflection… Who is the audience? What might the interaction entail? How might this assist? Hence, ask others / yourself How can I help? ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading #unSquirrel Manifesto 9: How Can I Help?