#PKyvr33 Day 5: Talk About What You Know + What You Think #WOLweek #WOLyo

Working out loud is a call to action:

don’t leave your genius on a hard drive, or in this hard drive <taps forehead>, share it.

Start with wondering: How can I help? Then #unSquirrel something. When I worked under the stairs I presented 10 Pecha Kuchas in 5 days. Some of the content I could do in my sleep, other topics I am NOT an expert on, but I have a perspective on – one that is not heard much ’round here. Maybe that perspective can help? SURE it can. Let’s WOLyo!

WOLweek2I presented on the following topics, (with some colour commentary):

  • Corporate social media – why we do it, how we dot it, and a call to action about how colleagues might participate. Sweet. I am an EXPERT.
  • Corporate strategy – I don’t make the decisions, but I was there when they were made. I can give insight into the process (perhaps better than anyone else?), so let’s triangulate some of the content to deepen perspective! I have an opinion.
  • Social media primer – we do social media, and so can you! Here is how you start, some simple go-to baby steps to being, well I guess, working out loud yourself on topics of your choosing. I am an EXPERT.
  • About the CEO – I get to see the inner workings of the CEO more than most. Creating a line of sight is important to speed up decision making process, versus making guesses. I can help! I have an opinion.
  • PK about PK – let’s get meta. Maybe you want to do a pecha kucha for your team. Here are some simple steps to take (learned painfully). I am an EXPERT.
  • Why work HERE – engagement is more than corporate initiatives, it is about individuals making individual choices. These ca, ireonically, scale. IfI work here because of X and Y, maybe that will spark a good watercooler conversation for you and your cohort. Or not. I am an EXPERT (disorganizer). I have an opinion.
  • Working out loud – what’s all this malarky then, working out loud under the stairs? There is method in the madness – here’s how / why. I have an opinion.
  • Microsoft roadmap – this is high impact, but kinda annoying to many non-IT heads. Let’s stim some debate, get people asking different questions. I am an EXPERT (disorganizer). I have an opinion.
  • Power of 3 – basic storytelling / communication perspective, worth revisiting myself (I get lazy); might intrigue others too…I am an EXPERT 
  • Shipping finance – not my wheel house at all, but I get involved in translation of content, so what are the simple truths there for others to grasp? I have an opinion.

What are 10 topics you could talk to / about (fairly) coherently? Who might want to hear some of the that? (Pecha kucha is low audience impact because it is 400 seconds of their lives only).

I doubt this will go into the PKyvr33 talk, takes too much time to describe, but I like the idea about opinion and expertise…something to consider.

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