Working Out Loud is Unreasonable #WOLweek

It is time to get back to working out loud on the blog, after an interesting work trip to Australia (more on which, later).

Today, writing up some notes from a tough, direct book by Doug Williamson about Canada’s future economy (that speaks to all the modern world).

I wanted to write specifically about unreasonableness. I see unease about sharing one’s work wherever I look: the feedback to sharing elicits a range of emotions from intrigue to annoyance, from light bulb moment to disdain.

None of this happens if people do not share, and given the unpredictable response, I think it requires a certain embrace of unreasonableness to push out your stuff, as widely as possible, no matter what.


So, today, and all this #WOLweek, here’s to the unreasonable!

←This Much We Know.→

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